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Nightstand Mount

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  • Models available for all calibers starting from 7.65mm and up.
  • NO-SCRATCH™ Nylon 6 Barrel Insert.
  • Attaches to ANY flat surface - Next to the or behind the nightstand and or bed.
  • Fits both the left and right-hand side of the bed.
  • Base Plate can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Multi-Angle adjustable components.
  • Interchangeable component layout. Components can be arranged according to your own preference.
  • Installation needed.


  • Base plate

    • Mild Steel Construction.
    • Structured Black Powder Coated.
    • Dimensions: 50mm(w) x 235mm(L).
  • Spare Magazine Holder

    • Mild SteelConstruction.
    • Dimensions: 50mm (w) x 38mm (h) x 90mm (l).
    • SVA 45 foam insert, for Accessory protection.
  • Torch Holder

    • Mild SteelConstruction.
    • Dimensions:
      • 38mm OD x 38mm (l).
      • 30mm with foam insert.
      • 36mm without foam.
      • SVA 45 foam insert, for Accessory protection
  • Barrel Insert Mounting

    • Aluminum Base
    • Barrel Insert
      • NO-SCRATCH™ Nylon 6 Barrel Insert.
      • Reinforced with 6mm steel insert.
      • Length 55mm.
      • Nylon’s Self-Lubricating abilities, prevents barrel from “grabbing” onto the Barrel Insert.
      • Barrel Insert cut 0.5mm smaller than calibre, to prevent unwanted “grabbing” onto the Nylon insert.

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